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Styling a Vintage Window

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I acquired this vintage window yesterday from a friend. Her and her husband recently replaced all of their windows in their house and were selling their old ones. I have been wanting a vintage window for awhile and have waited to get one because we were moving around and I didn't want it to break. So since we are buying a house I decided to snatch one up from my friend to use in our new home! Of course since I have no where to store it and I don't want to put any more decor up in this home, I decided to style it on my shelf in the living room. I even challenged myself to do a really quick shelf styling while the boys ate breakfast!

First things first, I started by clearing everything off of the shelf and dusted it (realizing I haven't dusted up there in a while, oops). I then placed the window in the center and quickly got to work planning the decor out. I also challenged myself to use the decor around me and reusing the decor on the shelves.

Next, I placed a framed landscape and an embroidered hoop to add some layered interest against the window. I then added the same stacked books and faux trailing eucalyptus that I previously had on the shelf. And then to add a little more height next to the landscape, I placed the fern next to it. I should add that after I placed each item I took a step back and assessed everything before I moved on.

I took one last look after placing the fern and thought the area needed one more item beside the books and the plant. I decided on this vintage pitcher that has a hand painted red barn on it. This was a piece that belonged to Jonathan's grandmother and we brought it back with us, along with other items, to remember her by. I love how it completes this shelf. Once I added the pitcher, my time was up. Both boys were done with their breakfasts - so I quickly styled their play cube and kitchen and then took one last picture of it all together. Here's a before and and after!

I'm really glad I decided to challenge myself with decorating the living room shelf using this antique window. I love how it turned out and I can't wait to use it in our new home! I hope you enjoyed reading this quick post! Is there a decor piece that you have been wanting to use in your home? Let me know below!

With love,


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