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Cozy and Whimsical Reading Nook

I have always wondered what to do with this little corner in our great room. This is in the area where the boys play and have their toys, so I needed something that went with this side of the great room. After having a conversation with my husband (who always sparks my creativity) I decided that a reading nook is a must. It's perfect for the boys because they love reading and my oldest will be starting to learn to read soon. It was probably one of my easiest projects to date, mostly because it didn't require any painting.

Here's and before and after:

I just love how much character this reading nook adds to this corner! The boys have definitely started using it a lot. The inherited rocking chair gives it just the right amount charm and coziness. And I love how much the bunting and wall baskets add a whimsical element. My ultimate hope for this corner is for the boys to be able to wind down here and have some quiet time when they feel like it.

Here's all the links to most of what's in the corner. I can't link the chair or blanket, but anything similar that you have will work just great!

Here some more detailed shots of the corner:

If you are stuck in a rut regarding a corner of a room, then I hope this inspires you! It's definitely one of my new favorite corners in our home that can be enjoyed by all. A bonus is that it is right next to our bunny's room, so the cuteness factor is a major plus!

See you soon and thanks for reading!

- Brittany

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