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10 Budget Friendly Decor Items From Target x Studio McGee Fall Line

Once again Target and Studio McGee created a beautiful fall line! I am honestly drooling over all of the pieces and if I had the money I would buy every single item! Since that can't happen, I looked over the new line and chose my top 10 budget friendly items ranging from $12 - $35. Out of those 10 pieces, I have three that I am wanting to purchase at a future time. Before I reveal my three favorite items (hint, there's one of them in the cover image of this post), lets take a look at my top 10 budget friendly picks from the new line! As always, links are provided below the pictures!

I honestly just love how neutral the Studio McGee line is! Even though this is their fall line, I can see all of those pieces working as year-around decor. And I can totally picture myself keeping these pieces up season after season. I highly recommend you check out the full line on Target's website!

Alright, have you figured out what my three favorites are? If you guessed the geometric bowl, landscape art, and the tassel figurine, you did it! I really love all three of these items and I can't wait to add them to my decor around our home! Do you have any favorite items from the new fall line with Target x Studio McGee? Let me know in the comments below!

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