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Master Bedroom: The Details

I want to do a little series of posts about my favorite details in each room of our house and why I chose to put them there. My hope with this series is to give you some insight on how I decorate my home and to inspire you to use personal touches in your decorating to make your house feel more like a home. I feel like I can say that almost every room in our home is my favorite, and I think that is because I try to decorate every room very intentionally. There are details in each room that I love and I would like to share with you. To kick off the series I’m going to start with our master bedroom.

This room has everything that I have wanted in a master bedroom. It has an attached bath and walk-in closet. Not to mention, there is a huge window that faces east! I love having the sunrise through our bedroom window. There’s something so cheery and uplifting about watching the sun glow in our room. I also love the layout of our room. Granted, the way I have it laid out is probably the only way bedroom furniture can work in here, but I love the placing of everything.

Alright, let’s get into the details that I put in our room to make it feel like a home for us. I’ll start with our side tables. We have had these since we have been married. They were a wedding present that a friend of my dad’s made for us, and they have a matching coffee table that we keep in the guest bedroom. I will always treasure these pieces of furniture. For some personal touches, I have added a special book that my aunt gifted me on my side, and a docking station that I gifted my husband on his side. To simply decorate the tables, I’ve added lamps that we have had since we’ve been married, and some faux plants.

Decorating tip: If you have a brown thumb or move around a lot, faux plants are the way to go to simply add some greenery to your home without having to think of a watering schedule. My favorite places to buy faux greenery are IKEA, Hobby Lobby, and Target (I’ll link some of the ones I can find down below).

We don’t have a bed frame for our bed. So to frame out our bed, I added a few baskets and a mirror and created a pattern to act as a headboard. I feel like this brings in a nice mid-century modern look to our room.

On top of our dresser, I have some more personal things that I have decorated with. The red jewelry box, cup, and binoculars are from my grandma. The pitcher and bowl that has the faux wisteria in it is from my husband’s grandma. This one is very dear to me. She passed away a few months ago and she was one of the kindest and funniest women that I knew. I also took some books and turned them with their binding facing the wall to bring a more classic element to our dresser. The painting above our dresser is an old piece from Target that I bought about five years ago. I love how it reminds me of the ocean every time that I see it, and it brings a sense of calm into our bedroom. I recently put up the vintage botanical prints that I found as free printables from the Magnolia magazine (Here's the link: It's under Magnolia 2017 Spring Issue). I love that these bring in a subtle vintage vibe, and they tie in nicely with the classic look from the books.

We don’t have very much decor in our bathroom. I really haven’t felt inspired to spruce this bathroom up. When we own our own home, I will definitely decorate our bathroom more. In here I have only added a couple of pieces to make it a little more inviting. I really love the painting that I have hanging in there; I also bought this one at the same time as the ocean painting. It reminds me of the mountains and all of the possible adventures we can take as a family. I added a plant to liven up the space because it doesn’t have a window. The amber jars aesthetically hold our cotton rounds and q-tips. And I added a small print above our hand towel rack to tie in to our mountain painting. It definitely isn’t much, but it still makes the bathroom a little more peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our master bedroom and the decor that I have curated to make it feel more like a home to us. All in all, my goals with this room, between the personal touches and reminders of nature, were to create an atmosphere that is both invigorating when I wake up and calming when I go to sleep. And I hope you are inspired to add your own personal touches to your bedroom to make it feel more relaxing and more your style.

Links to my faux plants in our bedroom (click on the image to follow the link):

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