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Cottage Antique Twins Nursery Mood Board Design

I've noticed over the years that my style has evolved with every move we have gone through. From farmhouse, to modern, to now more antique cottage. I still have elements of every design throughout my home, but in our current home I am embracing the New England style of antique cottage. And if you have seen any of my Instagram stories or feed then you know I am leaning that way with the twins' nursery design. We previously rented when we had our older two boys and since this is our first home that we bought, I am so excited about designing this room the way I want from scratch. So without further ado, here is the mood board I created for the nursery!

First off, I want you to keep in mind that a lot of this is just to visualize what I want in the room, which is why I think mood boards are important when you are trying to design a room. There are some things that I have already bought that aren't perfectly matched on my mood board. One example is the rug. I love the look of the chunky knit rug, but the price was just too much to justify purchasing it. I compromised and bought a shag rug in the same color for a fraction of the price as the one I have above. I think it's important to not really compromise on budget for the sake of having something that's popular. By buying the least expensive rug I can focus on other things I would like to buy for the twins.

I also want to run you through my thinking on my wall treatment ideas. I had originally dreamed of wanting to do a two-toned wall treatment using a dark green paint two thirds of the way up and then using a simple leaf wallpaper with the other third of the wall. And to transition the two treatments, I wanted to use a simple stained wood trim. But because pregnancy has thrown curve-balls at me and is making it difficult for me to do things, my husband will be doing other house stuff, and we might be moving in a year or two, I decided it is not worth the effort to paint and wallpaper. I, instead, have already painted the nursery the same wall color as the rest of our house and I will be adding that simple stained wood trim two thirds up the wall. I think it gives it a classic cottage look that I am going for.

I hope you enjoy the mood board and it helps you with your nursery design! I have been having so much fun putting the nursery together! I don't have a lot left that I need to do except put some final decor pieces up. The closer I get to finishing it, the more excited I am to see the twin's in there.

Until next time!

- Brittany

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