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Back To School Fall Outfits and School Finds

Hey everyone! Long time no post - sorry about that! The twin's pregnancy was pretty complicated and their birth had even more complications. So finally after about 3 months post partum, I feel like my old self and ready to jump back into blogging and giving you some ideas for your home and lifestyle. With that, I am thinking of branching out into more family life and lifestyle niches. Therefore I bring you to this post about back to school! Specifically for boys! Since my oldest is now starting kindergarten full time I wanted to share some great clothing pieces, a few styled outfits, and lastly my favorite school finds! I hope you enjoy!

These are just some of the clothing items I ended up purchasing for my oldest to wear. I ended up getting all of these things on sale. I love that a lot of stores end up doing back to school sales with really good discounts on great clothing and shoes!

Below are some outfit inspos for fall school days! I am loving all of these cute styles - as you can see we are a fan of greens, blues, and browns. Basically our staple colors in our family.

First outfit: Sweater | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

Second outfit: Sweater | Button up | Jeans | Shoes

Third outfit: Sweater | Button up | Pants | Boots

Fourth outfit: Jacket | Button up | Overalls | Boots

Fifth outfit: Sweater | Shirt | Pants | Shoes

Sixth outfit: Vest | Button up | Jeans | Shoes

Seventh outfit: Sweater | Button up | Jeans | Boots

Eighth Outfit: Jacket | Sweater | Jeans | Boots

Finally here are my favorite finds for school! My oldest fell in love with this backpack and lunch box combo! My favorite thing about them is that I can wash the bento box and not go through a bunch of baggies. I also love that the backpack has a built in insulated lunch box!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found some inspiration! I have been having so much fun finding cute fall boy clothes and school gear! I still can't believe my oldest is going into kindergarten! I'm so excited to add this new chapter of school into our lives.

See you soon!

- Brittany

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