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Detailed Guest Bedroom and Bath

Welcome back to the second installment of the details of my home. We are going to look at our guest bedroom and bath. I will start by saying that this room is a little unfinished decor wise, but other than that, I love this room. When we first moved into this house, I instantly thought about how I would decorate our third bedroom. I’ll even admit that once we knew what house we would be living in, I downloaded the floor plan and dreamt up all of my ideas for it, including this space. We haven’t lived in a house with a third bedroom to use for guests or as an office, so this was a pretty exciting project.

When we moved in, I instantly started purchasing the furniture and decor for this space. What I kept in mind throughout the design process was that we really wanted this space to be functional for guests and as an office. With that in mind I really did some research for a bed. I didn’t want an actual bed because that would leave very little space for a desk. I definitely had a budget range for this and because of that I knew a sofa with a pull out bed would be too expensive. So I looked into futons/daybeds. I found (this one) on wayfair for a really good price. It’s not the comfiest (something I had to be okay with), but it works for when guests are over. I definitely love the mid century modern look it has, although Jonathan is not a big fan of it.

I also placed a lot of leftover furniture we have in here, but I did it intentionally. Remember the nightstands in our master bedroom? I placed the matching coffee table in here. Since having kids, we really don’t see the use of having a coffee table in our living room, so it fits really well here. Our guests can use it for their luggage or for storage. I placed a side table that we got for free from a garage sale in West Seattle. I definitely have plans to repaint this piece a different color, but I love that it has a cubby hole for a basket and blanket. Then in the corner of the room between the two windows, I have this beautiful rocking chair. This one has a lot of sentimental value. This rocking chair belonged to Jonathan’s grandmother who passed away. She gave us this chair while we were living in Santa Rosa before having kids. I was told that this chair was the coveted spot to sit in for all family gatherings at her home. It also became my favorite spot to nurse our children. It’s honestly my favorite chair and I wish we had room to put it in our living area. Next we found a pretty inexpensive (desk) on amazon. This piece isn’t really what I would like for this space, but we were also building a dining table at the time and didn’t want to build another piece of furniture. At some point I might thrift and makeover another desk or we might build one, but this works for now. Our desk chair was free from our next door neighbors and I might replace this at some point as well when funds are available.

Now for my favorite part about this room, the details. Let’s start with my favorite piece of decor in this room, the two paintings! I had been eyeing this duo for awhile at Target and thought they would fit perfectly in this space! I love that they bring an element of a farmhouse vibe, but it pairs beautifully with the couch and coffee table. The other piece of artwork is one that I did in colors to match the landscape painting. The wall that the rocking chair is up against I decided to put a shelf up instead of one piece of artwork. I found this one at Hobby Lobby and I absolutely love it! It’s only a couple of inches deep, but that’s perfect for displaying and layering decor.

Tip: When displaying decor on shelves or any surface, use the odd number rule. This is something that I have picked up from other interior decorators that I follow. I also really like layering my decor instead of having it all perfectly lined up. I find that it gives more dimension to my styling.

Above the desk I’ve added a small gallery wall of Coast Guard pieces. I’ll be adding some more to this gallery when I am able to. I have to buy some more frames and also make a ledge for all of his challenge coins. On the desk I simply styled it with some faux billy balls, a gifted sweet smelling candle, and a watercolor picture that a cousin made for me. Right next to the desk we have our two guitars. Jonathan loves playing guitar and is a really good musician. He likes playing the guitar for our boys, but the enjoyment doesn’t last quite as long once they start banging on them.

On our coffee table there is a beautiful sentimental piece that has lasted for about seventy years. When my dad was about 5 years old he made this beautiful leaf tray from clay and colored it himself. My dad gave it to my grandmother as a present and then she gave it to me when I got married. It tragically broke in our first move over to Maine, but I was able to glue as much of it together as I could. I really won’t let anybody touch it, and I always make sure that packers wrap it up super well.

And finally on the side table/nightstand, I have this beautiful navy blue, linen textured lamp that I specifically envisioned in this space. I think it goes really well with the paintings and the navy blue blanket and sheet set that I bought for our guests. I styled a small faux succulent and an alarm clock on top and the blue blanket in the basket on the bottom.

Now onto the bathroom. It’s not huge, but it’s a nice size. This is mainly the boys’ bathroom, but we have our guests use it too. My favorite decor elements that I placed in here are the blue anchor towel hooks, the sign, and the towel basket. This space isn’t as coordinated as I would like it to be, decor wise, but I’m happy with how this turned out. Like I said in our master bedroom details post, I will put more effort into our bathrooms whenever we own our own home.

Overall my goal with the guest room/office space was to make it a nice, cozy retreat for any guests that we have as well as a peaceful place to get any work done. I’m really happy overall with how it pulls all together. There is always room for improvement, but I enjoy growing and learning new ways to improve my decorating. I hope you enjoyed reading more details about this space. Are there any elements in your offices or guest bedrooms that you love? Let me know in the comments!

With love,


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