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15 Children's Books that We Love to Read

As I have previously mentioned before, David loves books. Like really loves books - if you want to be his friend, read him a book and he will love you forever. I have a confession, I hardly read David books in his first year. I felt really bad for it, but he was always moving around and wouldn’t stay in one room long enough to read to him. It wasn’t until after we stopped breastfeeding and replaced that time with books that he really got into them. His passion for reading just took off from there. James is a different story. We read books with him and David, but he hasn’t really been interested until now.

When David showed real interest in books, I started getting book crazy for him. Jonathan and I both grew up loving books, so seeing David being into them really made us excited. So much so that I have a running book list on Amazon that keeps growing. I’m always on the hunt for more books to get him and instantly add a book that I like to the wish list on Amazon. He also has a growing library of his own and I just love that. When I was growing up I never went to the library so that hasn’t really been a thing for me and the boys to go do. I am glad that we have the means to buy him books that we can read all of the time. We definitely have our favorites that we read a lot and those are the ones that I would like to share with you today. There isn’t any order to this list and I will link the book titles to make it easier to find.

This book cracks me up! I honestly laugh so much whenever we read it. The main character acts so much like David and I love it. We were introduced to this author by our cousin and we have been hooked on his books.

Another great book by this same author as above. Jonathan and I love to read this one in an authentic Boston accent. It gets pretty funny as we stumble over our accents. David loves seeing the ducks in it.

I forgot where I first saw this book, but I have been on a search for a longer book that is a couple of reading levels above David’s age. He has been sitting so well with longer books and actually takes in what we are reading. This one is a little lengthy, but not word heavy.

David loves reading this book and I love the message behind it. I always try to choose intentional books for him as far as lessons go and this one is a great example of that. It talks all about friendships and how to know which ones are good and bad.

I love how the author illustrated this book. There are these beautiful background sceneries and then he doodles on them the main story components. We also have several stuffed animals with names from the book.

This is probably the best book ever! Honestly, if you want a great laugh and an epic story, this is the book to get. We really get into this book and make a big production out of it! David loves chiming in with some of the phrases and Jonathan and I love voicing the different characters. This book is probably our most read book in the collection.

Alright, so this one was probably more for me than the boys, but that is because I love Robert Frost and always read his poetry growing up. So when I saw this book, I absolutely fell in love with it. The illustrations are beautiful and I always cry when I read it to the boys.

I bought this one because David has been really getting into bugs lately and this is such a cute, informative way to know bug names and what they look like. It also rhymes and David loves saying some of the bugs and pointing them out.

David is also a little adventurer and I thought this book would be a cute one to spark his curiosity for when we go on walks or adventure anywhere. He definitely started honing in on his scavenger skills since we bought this book.

I saw this book from a baby shower that I hosted for a friend. I was super intrigued by it and decided to get it for David. This is one we love to read together, and he gets really snuggly whenever we read it and that makes my heart burst with love.

This book really got him curious about the outdoors. We basically have it memorized and we will recite parts of it whenever we go traipsing through forests.

I bought this for David on a whim while visiting a friend in Maine. She took us to the L.L. Bean store and I saw this book and knew I needed it to fuel David’s love for adventures. Can you tell we are very outdoorsy people? Haha.

This is another intentional lesson book. I believe there are two more books by this author that I will eventually buy. I bought this one because David is always coming up with ideas about things and I want him to know that ideas are great and should be pursued if he wanted to.

This one is a short fun book. I bought it for the sole purpose that it has a bear in it. David loves bears and his favorite toy/companion is a bear. We used to call him little bear/osito when he was a baby.

We received this book as a gift from my mother in law. We love that it’s interactive and David loves pressing everything.

All in all these are some of our top favorite books that we love. Our favorites do change from time to time, but I always think that it’s good for them to go through phases of loving different authors and books. I believe it helps their imagination grow. Do you have any favorite books you loved reading as a child or love reading to your child/children? Let me know down below. I also hope you check some of these books out and let me know what you think! These aren’t affiliate links, I just get super excited about children’s books and want to share them!

With love,


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